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    Boulevard d’Avroy 280, 4000 LiègeORRue Haute 139/6, 1000 BrusselsFrom 8:30 to 9:30 AM

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    Company lawyers

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    Why earlegal ?

    Because a general counsel has to stay updated of legal evolutions but got not much time.Because an entrepreneur doesn't want lengthy legal development but practical and rigorous answers to his questions.Because company lawyer sometimes feels lonely and would like to share and exchange with others about his legal challenges.For all this and more, Lexing and Groupe Larcier have decided to brought earlegal to you.EARL[Y]gal because this early conference doesn't disrupt your work day.EARlegal because our lawyers listen to you before anything else.earlEGAL because solutions may arise not only from our lawyers, but also from other participants to the discussion.

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