• Negotiating and preparing Information Technology agreements: Information Technology consultancy agreements, preparing specifications, agreements for the delivery of equipment, maintenance, outsourcing, website development and hosting, back-up services, IT subcontracting agreements and so on.
  • IT Software: licensing agreements, software development and maintenance agreements and so on.
  • Databases: R&D agreements, agreements for migration of data to a new application, agreements for incorporating works in a database, database access licensing agreements and so on.
  • IT outsourcing agreements: “facilities management” agreements, Application Service Provider agreements and so on.
  • Internet representation agreements:  website development and hosting agreements, referencing agreements, internet access agreements, general conditions for websites and so on.
  • e-commerce: legal audits of websites, preparing website general conditions, support for establishing an online activity (follow-up of development of internet tools, legal validation of processes specific to the profession exercised online and so on) to ensure smooth operation of the website, deployment of e-invoicing, e-marketing and anti-spamming systems and so on.
  • Suppliers´ liability: for IT assets, IT Service Providers´ liability, information firms´ intermediary service providers´ liability, liability associated with use of third parties´ distinctive signs on internet and so on.
  • Processing personal data: auditing the processing of data generated by the client´s activities and contractual and administrative procedures, with a view to ensuring conformance to the relevant legal requirements, legal audit of cross-border data flow, preparing privacy policies and so on.
  • Employment relations:  preparing clauses for the transfer of intellectual property rights to safeguard the position of employers, defending clients in the context of disputes between employer and former employee regarding use of the employee´s works, auditing and secure processing of employees´ data and so on.
  • Law on trademarks and distinctive signs: licensing agreements for trademarks, registration of trademarks (Benelux and European), strategies and procedures for protecting both national and international trademark rights and so on.
  • Drawings and models: agreements for the assignment of rights, registration of designs and models (Benelux and European), procedure for combating counterfeiting of designs and models and so on.
  • Domain names: definition of strategies for the protection of distinctive signs on the internet, arbitration proceedings (online) with a view to transferring domain names, judicial procedures to transfer a domain name, agreements on the assignment of rights over a domain name, user-licensing agreement for a distinctive sign as a domain name and so on.
  • Copyright: publishing agreements, online music broadcasting agreements, licensing agreements for architectural works, agreements on ordering advertising works, photograph licensing agreement and so on.

The department also advises and defends both individuals and companies in the management of their right to honor and reputation:

  • Personal data:
    assistance in managing and/or exercising the rights of the persons concerned, support in filing a complaint or following up on an inspection procedure before the DPA (Data Protection Authority), resolution of disputes relating to the right to be forgotten, …
  • Reputation:
    assistance with procedures aimed at putting an end to behaviors that are detrimental to the honor or image of the brand (slander, defamation, denigration) and, where applicable, constitute practices that are contrary to honest market practices between companies or unfair commercial practices.

The department also has specific competences in the field of the media:

  • Written press:
    compliance with the principles of journalistic ethics, slander or libel, right of reply, right of repentance, anonymization or right to be forgotten, …
  • Audiovisual media:
    declaration and authorization procedures, complaint to the Superior Board of Audiovisual media, right of reply, …
  • Content sharing platforms:
    drafting of terms of use, assistance in case of illegal content, liability of platforms, …

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