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The sector of leisure, gambling, and betting is booming. Thanks to the wide audience captured by international sport events, the gaming market exhibit tremendous dynamism.

In parallel, marketing services multiply playing opportunities and online games for promotion purposes. The gamification trend takes the form of constellations of smartphone applications, whether promotional or professional.

Flipside of the coin, it has never been so easy to get lost in a legal jungle : gaming and betting laws, information society services act, consumer protection laws, privacy laws, unfair competition, antitrust …

Lexing exhibits a strong experience in the gambling sector. Clients come to us for help and advice on a wide array of topics. The services we offer include:

  • Legal audit of your business projects and legal compliance assessment;
  • Drafting of your contracts;
  • Protection of your works against competitors and intellectual property rights infringers;
  • Assistance in all administrative proceedings and representation before regulation authorities;

Pick your lawyer within our team of creative legal experts who understand your business.

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