Aeronautics / dronautics

Lexing: lawyers specialised in aeronautics and dronautics

Dronautics is a booming segment of aeronautics. The specific features of this category of aircraft extend to all branches of law: rules of the air, technical conformity and standardization, protection of privacy, the environment, liability, telecommunications, …

The Creactivity department provides counselling and dispute-handling services in the following technical and legal fields:

  • the application and interpretation of specific legislation;
  • the compliance management of data-flows generated by drone applications;
  • support for manufacturers, operators, telepilots etc. in their dealings with public authorities (data protection, civil aviation regulations, etc.);
  • liability issues associated with the use of drones (insurance, etc.);
  • the strategic management of intellectual property and the exploitation of industrial assets;
  • risk and compliance audits;
  • the establishment of the contractual framework for projects.

We can also represent you for all useful procedures in front of the federal minister of Mobility, the general Board of the air Transport or, when needed, contact the different administrators of the Belgian airports.

We can make company lawyers available to your company on a temporary basis (outsourcing) for a specific project.

In our attempts to provide you with the most effective way of resolving any dispute you might have, we give precedence to arbitration, collaborative law and mediation instead of legal proceedings, if those are the most adequate alternatives for your case.

Our lawyers do not only defend the interests of our clients in legal proceedings, but are also regularly called on as arbiters or legal experts.

A team of practitioners with in-depth knowledge of their specific legal field is there to support you :

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